Buccaneers Rub

Buccaneers Rub

Buccaneers Rub

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For those who know Les Boucaniers en Cavale, the Rub des Boucaniers is perfect to satisfy your craving for their good pulled pork poutine. And yes, it's the same great taste as their "foodtruck". If you haven't had the chance to taste their famous pulled pork in the past few days (or at all), you can fix it at home!

Buccaneers are neither more nor less than pirates of the Caribbean who colonized the island of Santo Domingo, as well as Jamaica in the 18th century. They hunted and trapped game to smoke the meat. This is how we increased the shelf life at the time. They are given an image of pirates since they were colonists with no allegiances to France, England or Spain, the great powers of the time. The most famous buccaneer in history is unquestionably Sir Henry Morgan, the same one who can be found today on the well-known brand's rum bottles.

But we are nice pirates. We promise to attack only your taste buds, for your greatest pleasure! So, see you soon!

Available in 100g format. Ingredients: Maple sugar, salt, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, chili and cayenne.

Prepared by Les As du Fumoir for Les Boucaniers en Cavale . Seasonings without preservatives or anti-caking agents, with a good taste of Quebec!

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