Smoked ground pepper

Smoked ground pepper

poivre moulu au touche boisée et de fumé naturelle

  • directement à l'assiette
  • sauce au poivre
  • salade
  • viande
  • etc
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To add a touch of smoke to your recipes in a single pinch.

Ideal for pepper lovers, this black pepper has been smoked in our smokehouse by various varieties of wood to give it this delicious flavor. The grind of our smoked pepper is ideal for adding a pinch to your recipes and making its presence noticeable. Our ground smoked pepper is offered in 2 sizes: Regular (40g) and Large (80g) It is also available in a whole version if you prefer freshly ground pepper. 

Our seasonings are naturally smoked, always, and do not contain preservatives or anti-caking agents. Only good spices are smoked in our smokehouses!

Use :

Replace ordinary pepper in your recipes with this smoked pepper to enhance the flavor of your dishes and add some smoky flavor. We recommend the use of our ground smoked pepper as a finish (directly at the table or towards the end of cooking) in order to fully appreciate your culinary experience.

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