Forestry mix

Forestry mix


Notre mélange le plus populaire? Le mélange forestier fumé pour les amateurs de viandes sauvages et de comfort food. Vous tomberez amoureux de son irrésistible fumet et de sa composition de champignons, d’herbes et autres délices. Pour :

  • Viandes sauvages de gibier (orignal, chevreuil, canard, bison)
  • Viandes rouges (boeuf, porc, agneau, veau, chèvre, mouton, mijotés) 
  • Ajouter du oumpf aux légumes et salades césar ou du jardin (à essayer!)
  • Plats au fromage, sauces forestières et autres nos recettes

Vous aimez la nature, la forêt ou la chasse? Le mélange forestier est pour vous!

*Cadeau? Nous n’ajoutons jamais la facture au colis.

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A delicious blend of mushroom, smoked pepper , smoked salt , garlic powder and onion to add a smoky forest touch to your recipesDelightfully woody and smoky, our forestry mix is ​​made with smoked mushroom, smoked pepper , smoked salt , smoked garlic and onion, rosemary and thyme. This smoky seasoning is very versatile; it can be added to meats as well as vegetables to enhance them and add a touch of smoke flavor.

Our forestry mix is ​​offered in 2 sizes: Regular (60g) and Large (140g)

Our seasonings are naturally smoked, always, and do not contain preservatives or anti-caking agents. Only good spices are smoked in our smokehouses!

Use :

Sprinkle on your meats and vegetables before cooking. Add at the end of cooking for a more intense taste. Add directly to finish on your soups, salads, risotto, mashed potatoes.

 Perfect match for chicken, red meats and your vegetables, the forestry mix will bring beautiful woody and smoky notes to your meals!


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