The imperfect pots

The imperfect pots

The imperfect pots

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An accident can happen so quickly and our jars can sometimes be damaged... Fortunately, the smoked spices they contain are still delicious! It's just the packaging that's a little less...perfect!

Get the same spices as our regular jars, but at a lower price! All that for a small defect on a pot. Despite the fact that the delivery people do their best, it sometimes happens that we receive pots with defects; a small bump or scratch. Instead of just getting rid of these packaging, we prefer to let them go at a reduced price! A win-win situation for all!

Inside these imperfect jars you will find the same smoky spices found in our regular and large jars. It's just the outer packaging that's less than perfect.

Quantities are limited and vary depending on the deliveries we receive. Keep an eye out!

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